Four useless things I packed in my hospital bag thanks to google

I have been a mother to children I did not carry in my belly for years, last year however, I had the privilege of carrying life inside me. For forty-one weeks I marvelled at God’s invisible qualities. I downloaded the baby apps and every week I would check to see what size my baby was.… Continue reading Four useless things I packed in my hospital bag thanks to google


The ABC’s for stepfamily life

A is for a fresh start . It can work but you will require extra effort and wisdom to make a strong family. B is for blood, which is thicker than water. Don’t compete. Rather strive to compliment the already existing relationships. C is for co-parent . Do this effectively, your children need you to… Continue reading The ABC’s for stepfamily life


I am tired of being a stepmom

“I am tired of being a stepmom. I feel guilty confessing this to you but I am really tired. This job is hard and no matter how hard I try it never gets easier. Am I bad stepmom for feeling like this? Is this normal” ? These are the words in an email I received… Continue reading I am tired of being a stepmom

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Money questions you should ask before marrying a single parent

When I was doing my pre-marital counseling sessions there was one thing that really frustrated me, all the content, good as it was, made reference to the ideal first time couple. The virgin couple who would experience sex for the first time on their wedding night. The one that had no children from previous relationships,… Continue reading Money questions you should ask before marrying a single parent

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5 Step-family myths busted

A myth as defined in the Oxford dictionary refers to a widely held but false belief or idea. There are many myths around step-family life that strongly influence the way both adults and children adjust to their new family and how they interact with each other. These myths, if treated as the truth can be… Continue reading 5 Step-family myths busted


Start with the end in mind

Imagine if you had to put together a 1000 piece puzzle. You are shown the picture on the box and the pieces are poured out for you to put it together. You are then blindfolded and told that the picture you were shown doesn’t fit the pieces that you are working with. And the guy… Continue reading Start with the end in mind


Love is in the air

People the world over, no matter their age, race or religion, believe in romantic love. Remember the time you had your first heartbreak? I do. I called in to work sick and spent the whole day crying taking breaks in between to breath and drink an Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur, made by Gilbeys… Continue reading Love is in the air