On this page you will find resources to help your step family to cope with unique challenges of step family life, and to thrive as a family. There are other families with the same challenges and these links and books will help you to find support in knowing that you are not alone.


LISA Bloopers 2015

Here’s proof i don’t do my videos in one take 🙂 enjoy!

More holiday tips and advice

More tips on how you can enjoy the Christmas and New Year Holidays with your family

A Stepmom’s Guide to Stress Free Holidays

It’s fair to say that spending holidays as a stepfamily can be complicated! Expectations are often high. When it comes to sharing kids at the holidays, there are really only two things
we need to give them: the permission to love and enjoy the company of each of their. Here are some tips to guide you to a stress free holiday period

The loyalty tug of war | Don’t make your children pick sides

Children in step-families often feel like they have to prove their loyalty and love for their biological parents when they really shouldn’t have to. The behavior of both bio and step parents can take it to an extreme which is not healthy for all family members. So here are some things that you might be doing that are enhancing this tug of war and how you can help the kids grow in love with every family member.

What your children wish you knew about  their needs after your separation or divorce

Children are usually stuck in the middle whenever their parents separate or divorce. Sometimes their needs are not met because the adults are caught up in all the drama in the divorce/separation process. This video will help you identify what your children really need from you as parents even though you are not together anymore.

Dear stepmom, its time to drop the super stepmom act and cut yourself some slack

There is no such thing a perfect family. A stepmom striving for perfection ends up a lot more frustrated especially when the results don’t match her expectations. In this video I discuss how you can put down the super stepmom act, cut yourself some slack and do what you do best for happier healthier relationships with everyone in the home

The 5 Traits of highly effective stepparents

Practice the 5 traits discussed in this video and see a great change in how effective you are in your role as a stepmom or a stepdad

From single to married with children | Adjusting to your new life gracefully

When you marry a man with children and you have no kids of your own, the new chapter of your life can be quite shocking and will take some getting used to and more importantly will require you to change adopt to your new family. In this video I discuss how you can successfully

MEN | How you can support your partner in her role as a stepmom

A stepmoms success is hugely dependent on her partners support. Most men have no clue what they can do to support their wives through this journey. In this video I talk to the MEN and what they can do to help their partners adjust and do well in their stepparenting role

How you can connect better with your stepchildren

Many stepparents yearn for a relationship and connection between them and their step children but often do not know how to go about it. In this video I give you pointers on how you can connect better with your step kids

My Mistakes, your lesson

Like every stepparent, I made mistakes. Its a role I was never prepared for and neither are so many stepmoms. In this video I share my mistakes with you and hope that you learn valuable lessons that will help you success in your own journey.

Its OK not to love your stepchildren as your own

Stepparents can’t seem to win. In this video I take you through some common misconceptions when it comes to raising children that are not yours. This will help you handle different situations with yourself and your stepchildren.

More Q & A

Do these 5 things and you will succeed in your stepfamily

Sources of conflict in stepfamilies and how you can rise above

Due to the unique nature and dynamics of stepfamilies conflict is very common. If you are going to be successful you will need to understand the common sources of conflict and how you can avoid or handle them confidently should you find yourself in a tough situation.

Here is how your kids react and adopt to stepfamily life and how you can help them

Children are at the very center of any new stepfamily. They tend to get forgotten because the couple is so in love, optimistic and ready to start the new life with their new partner. It is difficult for the children to deal especially since all children have an innate need to have their parents together regardless of their age. The truth is children are usually many steps behind when it comes to dealing with the loss of one or both parents whether through death, divorce or separation. Therefore it takes a lot of time to adjust to having a new parent; the step-mom or step-dad in their life.

Why your stepfamily will never function like a biological one

Here are some of the key differences between biological families and stepfamilies. They are the reason why a stepfamily will never function like a biological family. Knowing and adjusting to these differences will enable you create a happier home for all.

Your questions on stepfamily life answered

Stepfamily myths busted

There are many myths around step-family life that strongly influence the way both adults and children adjust to their new family and how they interact with each other. These myths, if treated as the truth can be roadblocks in the journey to successful step relationships. Here are top 5 myths and how you can live beyond them.

What is your foundation

Every family whether its the traditional family or a stepfamily goes through difficult times so what what foundation have you and your partner set and build for your family? Is it strong enough to be the safe haven you need it to be when you are going through a storm.

From single to married with children and the birth of LISA

We all know someone who is in a stepfamily yet no one ever talks about it. Its time to start having the conversation and getting help to overcome the challenges