Who we work with

Women who are dating, living with or married to men with children from a previous relationship.

Our Services


A powerful 1 hour session in person, on skype or on the phone for which you get:

  • A safe space to express yourself, your issues and challenges.
  • Discover what the #1 reason is behind you challenges.
  • Brainstorm and co create solutions and best way forward.
  • Action plan to follow through after the session.

Personal Coaching

6 individual coaching sessions conducted in person or on skype. The agenda is personalized around your unique challenges and how we can work together help you to overcome them. After the sessions you will be able to:

  • Get clarity on how to handle your relationships with the spouse and the children and other key step relations.
  • Confidently navigate your most pressing issues.
  • Tools, strategies and a roadmap to help you deal with everyday stepfamily life.
  • 2 Follow up phone calls as progress and accountability checks to help you stay on track.

Group Coaching

6 week group coaching program that will tackle specific stepfamily dynamics with the following outcomes:  

  • Get clarity on how stepfamilies work and function, the dynamics that are behind the common issues and challenges.
  • Confidently navigate stepfamily challenges and pressing issues around dealing with the ex, the children,  how to deal with rejection, conflict management, visitation schedules, legal issues among others.
  • Tools, strategies and a roadmap to help you deal with everyday stepfamily life.
  • A community of like-minded people who have been there and understand what you are going through.